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So what's so
           interesting about

So what is so interesting about NVQnow?

We think there is lots that is interesting about NVQnow and makes us subtly different for other e-portfolios in the market?
  1. We are independent. We are not tied to any awarding body. We prefered to be 'tied' to our customers and come up with solutions that fit you.
  2. We like to share. We are committed to the open source principles which means all our customers are happy to share the work they fund.
  3. We are innovative. It is impossible for us to stop working on making our e-portfolio better.
  4. We are educators. An e-portfolio well designed, frees up all involved to focus on what matters which is teaching and the development of skills.
  5. We care about our customers. It matters to us that you and your learners succeed.
  6. We stick with you. We know that it's hard to make the transition from paper to electronic so we work together to make it happen. 

So why wait to make the change?

 You know that the future is electronic.  Large ring binders full of evidence will be replaced by electronically stored portfolios. Instead of assessing the skills of aspirant hairdressers
 by writing down their observation of a haircut and if a picture is taken, downloading, printing and then attaching it into the relevant section of a  paper portfolio. This will be
 replaced by someone getting out their mobile phones take a picture of the haircut  finding the learner’s portfolio on the same phone adding the evidence and making a comment. 
You can do this now. Just pick up the phone and  call 01924 516830 or e-mail