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Frequently Asked Questions 

Candidate FAQs

Making the change to an electronic portfolio generates lots of questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question below is our answer to many of the questions we are most often asked.
Q. Can I use the e-portfolio on any computer anywhere?
A. There is nothing you need to download onto your computer to make it work. The e-portfolio can be accessed anywhere in the world providing you have internet access.
Q. Can I use my mobile phone with the e-portfolio?
A  Mobile phones are increasingly used not least because they are great ways to gather evidence. You can make a video or recording using your mobile and take pictures. What is great is the mobile reduces the file size making it easier to upload and review. We also have a mobile version of the e-portfolio. Type into your phone and then add your normal user name and password. You will then be able to create some evidence and add any attachments like a picture or sound recording. When you next log-in to your computer you will find the evidence there and you can then cross reference the evidence against the standards.  

Q. What is an e-Portfolio?
An e-Portfolio enables evidence for an NVQ to be put on-line using the Internet and then cross referenced against the standards. It also means that assessors and verifiers can access a candidate’s portfolio and provide feedback whenever they need to; they don’t have to wait for the portfolio to be passed to them.
Q. Will the e-Portfolio automatically log out when it has been inactive for a certain amount of time?
As is the case with most computer systems the user will be logged out after a 40 minute period of inactivity. It therefore remains important that work is regularly saved.
Q. Will the data be secure?
The data is stored in a highly secure data store with a high level of redundancy and firewalls.
Q. How long is the data stored for?
The data is stored for a minimum of seven years following completion of the award.
Q. Who puts the evidence into the e-Portfolio?
Evidence can be entered by the Candidate and Assessor. In addition, there is the opportunity to invite Expert Witnesses and Witnesses to comment on evidence that is submitted into the portfolio.
Q. Is there a limit to the size of file that can be uploaded as evidence?
There are limits set for files to encourage candidates and assessors to upload concise evidence and to ensure that verifiers can easily identify the evidence that has been submitted. The limit per piece of evidence is 8MB.